Zen and the Art of Cleaning Your Sneakers With a Magic Eraser

Zen and the Art of Cleaning Your Sneakers With a Magic Eraser

If you want to save more money, it helps to love the things you already own. Not in a Marie Kondo “spark joy” way, but more like keeping up with regular maintenance and cleaning.

It’s a matter of making those things last, and making the most of limited resources.

You wouldn’t replace a functional object that you use often because it’s “starting to show its age” or it’s “way out of style.” Would you?

When it comes to your dirty sneakers, for example, regular cleaning works wonders. And it’s easy to do with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

This nifty cleaning product falls in the generic category of melamine foam erasers. “Mr. Clean Magic Eraser” is the well-known brand name.

You can wield its magic power for a mere $3 on Amazon. And you don’t have to use the brand name version either. (Sorry Mr. Clean.) In fact, you may be able to make your own Magic Eraser for even less.

What’s in the Magic Eraser That Makes It Work?

The “magic” part is the fine abrasive material—the melamine. It removes layers of grime without ruining the object you’re cleaning. Think of it like super-fine sandpaper in the form of a sponge.

“This sounds completely mind-blowing, but does it work?”

Yes, it does work. Check out the video below to see how a Magic Eraser can restore the white rubber sole part of a sneaker. With minimal effort the sneaker sparkles and shines like it was new.

Magic Eraser Instructions and Usage

To use a Magic Eraser:

  • Apply water (not too much)
  • Ring it out (so it’s not dripping)
  • Scrub (be gentle)

Unfortunately, a Magic Eraser doesn’t last forever. As you use it, you’ll watch it crumble like a dry cookie. How fast that happens depends on the surface you’re cleaning and how hard you scrub.

“I heard that a Magic Eraser can clean all sorts of things. Not just sneakers.”

It’s true! Walking around your home with a Magic Eraser is like walking around with a can of WD-40. You’ll always find something—many things—to use it on. The Internet is chock full of ideas too, so be sure to look around.

According to the official product site, the Magic Eraser is great for:

  • Removing permanent marker and crayon stains
  • Cleaning bruised baseboards
  • Removing scuff marks from all around the house

Where’s the Zen?

Cleaning your sneakers is a simple act. But it can provide a surprising sense of satisfaction.

Because there’s always satisfaction in the simple act of cleaning an object that you use. Or making it work better. Or somehow restoring it.

In this case, you’ll find satisfaction in scrubbing away months of detritus to reveal the gleaming white rubber underneath.

Why, it’s almost like you cobbled and hand-stitched yourself a new pair of sneakers. Never mind that they were mass produced in a factory far away.

Look around your home, your office, or your garage. If you see something that you still use, you can clean and fix it up right now.

This practice will help you develop a “buy it once” mentality for everything you own.

Worn furniture can get polished or refinished. A dull chef’s knife can get sharpened. A bike can get road-ready. There’s no need to buy replacements. To own it is to take care of it. And if you don’t use it, don’t own it. In that case, you’ll need to talk to Marie.

What uses have you found for a Magic Eraser? Reveal your magic tricks!

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